Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Moore & Moore Cafe turns four!

Before I get into the nitty gritty of this post, I'm chuffed that my wife (and chief editor) let me get away with the exclamation mark in the title of this post. She usually responds to question marks by asking if I'm going to start putting love hearts on the top of my 'i's as well. It's testament to Moore and Moore that she let this one through.

Moore & Moore Cafe turns four this year and the good news is that there is going to be a party!

I couldn't quite believe it, but time has gone that fast. I remember when my wife and I first moved to Freo and were told about a cool cafe operating on Henry Street. When we checked it out we were chuffed that this kick ass cafe well and truly lived up to the hype, and continues to deliver.

Back to the news about the party. I understand that it'll be happening on the 7 July. Three bands will be rocking the tunes for the evening. Money raised from the party will go towards helping to make Freo more cycle friendly. Simon Naber (the guru behind Moore & Moore Cafe) is looking for expressions of interest from local businesses and organisations for either a door prize, a silent auction (reserve being met) or a raffle.

Here is a list of what already been donated:

- A ladies hair cut and finish from Fu-bar.

- A beautiful bike hand restored and finished (with touches from local artist Sarah Milkula) donated as raffle prize by Captain Walker's Cycles.

- Fifty dollar vouchers from Brookers furniture, the Orient Hotel and Kartique.

- An original work offered by David Giles and Adam Monk for the silent auction.

Just quietly, I've got my very wife busily working on the first ever Fremantle Doctor Blog t-shirt which I'm happy to have it possibly raffled or auctioned off. (I'm assured by my wife that she'll make the t-shirt look suitably cool so that the lucky person can the wear the t-shirt knowing they'll look awesome and be the talk of the town.)

If anybody would like to help but can't contribute an awesomely designed t-shirt like me, Simon is also looking for volunteers to help out as well.

(If you're a local business or organisation and you're keen to donate a prize then contact Simon via Moore & Moore Cafe by calling 9335 8825)

So there is only one thing to do and that is book the 7 July in your calendars and wait for more information by checking the Moore & Moore Cafe website by clicking here.

Lastly, congratulations to Simon and the Moore & Moore Cafe crew for kicking ass at the recent 2012 Fremantle Business Awards. Simon won the Young Business Entrepreneur Award and Moore & Moore Cafe won the Excellence in Hospitality Award. Well deserved I say.

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