Thursday, 1 November 2012

Freo Doctor on holiday

For the past couple of weeks, I've had a bit of the old writers bloc hence no new posts for a while. I think that it has been a case of lots of interesting topics and issues to write about. It's good timing as my wife and I are off to sail the high seas for the best part of a month. 

Yep, I pity the poor cruise company that is going to let me loose on their ship. Look out 24 hour room service that's all I can say. My wife will be rolling me off the ship when we dock in Sydney. So I'm thinking that I'll give Freo Doctor Blog readers a heads up that I won't be blogging during November. I'm looking forward to returning to blogging in December with a post along the lines of "If Freo was a cruise ship which one would it be?"

In the meantime, below are a couple of very short comments visa vie some of the goings on around Freo:

Skateplaza at the Esplanade [Placemaking power salute] 

I reckon it is a great initiative by Council. For me it ticks a lot of boxes and sends the right message. The current skatepark near Munchies just isn't good enough. I'd like to see Council keep its options open about where to locate the skateplaza. I'm comfortable with parts of the carpark being used. One thing though: Do it properly! Another thing: Review the Esplanade Masterplan as part of the process.

Geelong did a great thing when it located its new skateplaza on its waterfront. Yep, you read that correctly. They located their awesome skateplaza on the waterfront. It is a great facility. Check out more info about it here, here and here.

I plan on writing a more detailed post about this topic when I get back.

Seafood Festival [Cup of hot fat]

I've been known to knock back my fair share of BBQ Seafood platters at Sandrino's and have recently discovered that I'm not allergic to oysters (it's a long story), so I rocked up to the Seafood Festival on Sunday with high hopes.

I'm sorry Fremantle Festival organisers but a stage with someone cooking seafood with three accompanying stalls selling chilli, fudge and something else not related to seafood is not a Seafood Festival.

Councillor Hume [Really, really, really big cup of hot fat]

Councillor and wannabe Labor candidate David Hume has joined the pity party, with a smug, sarcastic and contemptuous email sent to a committee member of community group FICRA in response to a perfectly reasonable request for information.

This was followed by a phone diatribe that, fortunately for Hume's re-election prospects, remains without transcript.

Fremantle Business Improvement District Board [Placemaking power salute]

Congratulations and all the best to the new Fremantle Business Improvement District Board members. It's a great initiative and I'm looking forward to seeing it be a great success.

Market Street outside Sandrino's and Portorosa [Placemaking power salute]

The other night my wife and enjoyed a tasty meal with the poor soul who'll be looking after our weiro's while we're away. We dined at Sandrino's and I reckon the newly upgraded portion of Market Street outside Sandrino's and Portorosa looks great. It's a great initiative and gives the City some flexibility in the future to hold festival related activities and events in this portion of Market Street. I wonder if Gino's will extend its alfresco around the corner?

I think that about sums things up for the moment (my wife isn't editing this post and I've already taken some liberties with this one so I should be careful). Take it easy.