Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Some old school tram maps

Regular Freo Doctor blog readers will appreciate my endearing love of all things light rail. My recent post showing the Popular Science Monthly cover page from 1925 inspired me to check out Perth's old school tram network.

I found two cool maps. The first one shows Perth's tram network in 1930. It mainly focuses on inner city Perth. The second map is one of Perth's tram network from the 1950s. 

Perth's tram network in 1930 via Google search

Perth's tram network from the 1950s via

The red lines show Perth's tram network. I'm impressed. 

On my search, I came across a cool blog about old Perth. The creator has posted some kick ass old photos of Perth (including Fremantle) and is well worth checking out. I've included it on my blogroll.

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