Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Another one for the ladies: Vintage clothes shopping in Freo

The other day I was having a natter with a friend when he mentioned that his daughter was going through a vintage clothing phase, and was spending many a weekend trawling through Freo's clothing shops for interesting finds.

Like me, my friend viewed the vintage clothing revival with a sense of mystification. I started out a whole-hearted supporter of my wife's second-hand shopping phase, notwithstanding the old-people smell that tended to accompany her when she wore her vintage purchases, until I found out that the specimens she was buying cost the same if not more as a brand new (and unscented) item. This wasn't the Vinnies I remembered!

Like most things though, my opinion has had little effect on the vintage clothing boom, which shows no signs of abating. And after four years of effectively undergoing an forced indoctrination to Freo's second-hand clothing scene, I was at least able to give my friend a few pointers for his daughter's next expedition.

It says something for the number of vintage clothing shops Freo has that this list is by no means exhaustive.

She Seldom Blushes (Atwell Arcade, enter via High Street mall or Cantonment Street)

A select assortment of both original and recut vintage clothes, as well some new items. Also has an eclectic range of jewellery.

She Seldom Blushes in Atwell Arcade

Broken Doll (Atwell Arcade, enter via High Street mall or Cantonment Street)

Lots of interesting, original items from a range of eras, from Mad Men-esque wriggle dresses to psychedelic seventies frocks. Also has several pieces available for hire, and an alteration service.

Broken Doll in Atwell Arcade

Retro Vinnies (High Street)

Look no further for all your original, unretouched vintage and retro clothing needs, including wedding dresses. Also has an extensive selection of men's clothing, including disco-era shirts and some really shocking jackets.

A selection of clothing from Retro Vinnies

Pongee (Queen Street, in the same complex as Gypsy Tapas across from Myer)

Vintage and retro pieces, as well as just standard second-hand (my wife assures me there is a distinction).

Some stylish stuff on show at Pongee

Lick the Wall (Cantonment Street)

Selling much more than just clothes, Lick the Wall is definitely worth a visit for the vintage aficiando.

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  1. Lovely clothes, i do like vintage clothing but they are hard to find nowadays as not many outlets keep them due to low demands.