Friday, 2 December 2011

Recommended reading: 'People are talking about placemaking'

Put your hand up if you're tired of being spoken down to by architects, urban designers, town planners, bureaucrats or councillors when being presented with a new scheme amendment or development proposal.
Keep your hand up if you're still none the wiser after their explanation of design quality versus design excellence and how it relates to allowing additional discretionary height.
If you kept your hand up, then I recommend reading this article by Fred Kent of Project for Public Spaces. In his article, Kent discusses the increasingly important role of placemaking and how it is having a positive impact on improving our places - very timely for Freo and our Council
Here is a nice quote that sums up, for me, where Council should be heading in its approach for authentically engaging the community:
“Instead we need an architecture that recognises that a community’s people are the true urban designers, and what happens where the building meets the street is critically important to the health of our neighbourhoods.”
To enjoy the rest of the article, here it is:
[Place making power salute]

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