Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Adventures of Bubba: Part 1 (aka cool things to do in Freo with a four year old)

Hi everyone. Happy New Year!

I'm marking my return to regular blogging with a few stories about my four year old nephew Byron and his recent visits to Freo. These stories also document some of our favourite things to do in Freo with a four year old. As they say in the classics no animals were hurt during these adventures, but there were plenty of sore muscles and one seriously cool knee graze (mine, not Bubba's).

The E Shed Markets

It was about 1:00pm on Saturday. I'd just finished cleaning the apartment and was resting under the fan in a (fruitless) attempt to cool down when my mobile rang.

"Hello Uncle Woney!"  It was my four year old nephew, the self-styled 'Bubba', master of the withering stink eye and fan of the Town Hall clock. Getting a phone call directly from Bubba is a special honour, much like an American receiving a phone call from their own President, and just as likely to result in a summons for a physically demanding mission.

"We're coming to Freo!" He said, and promptly hung up. (Bubba has mastered the art of succinct, clearly expressed phone calls.)

Two and a half hours later, after readying ourselves with electrolyte supplements, my wife and I were galavanting around the E Shed Markets with Bubba whilst his parents and grandparents looked at electric bikes. The E Shed Markets, with its labyrinthine floor plan, tolerant traders and air conditioning, is a great spot for playing. I was on my way to losing a game of hide and seek when the young guy in the electric bike store ratted them out.

"They went that way mate." He called, and pointed at the shop next door. I nodded my thanks and turned the corner. There they were, backs to me, Bubba wriggled snugly under an a-frame sign, both waiting to spring their ambush...perfect. I snuck up behind my wife, thumb and index finger poised for a swift pinch on the backside. After dodging her retaliatory slap, Jason Bourne style, I leant down behind the sign, grabbed Bubba's legs and roared. Victory was mine!

I didn't appreciate it at the time, but Bubba was treating my wife and I to our best day for some time and in the process making us appreciate anew what a great place Freo can be, with just a little imagination and a strong back for shoulder rides.

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  1. We sometimes need to learn again how to apprciate the small things in life, or for that matter the great place we live in. It is often too easy to just whinge and complain about that "they" should be doing something about it, when all it needs is for us to change our perspective a tiny bit and look at the good in life.

    I just got back from J Shed where the artists are taking charge of renovating the building at no cost to the council. That is great community work and incredibly positive!