Tuesday, 31 January 2012

My Freo highlights from 2011

Here are my Freo highlights from 2011.

Too Good To Be True $22 Tuesday

This is my sleeper hit of 2011. The brainchild of FICRA and Ivan Dzeba (Benny's owner), Too Good To Be True $22 Tuesday debuted in November. It is based on tempting locals to venture out into the city centre on a Tuesday evening for a meal plus a drink for the bargain price of $22. Participating restaurants include Benny's, Maya, Gino's, Sandrino, Portorosa, Kaza Bianca and SoHo Burgers. The cards are available free from FICRA.

The benefits are obvious: more activity on a quiet weekday evening and restauranteurs getting the opportunity to expand their local base. Given the success of the Wigan Plus initiative in England the opportunities for this initiative seem endless.

For more information on the initiative check out FICRA's blog:

Projections on High

A close second for 2011 was VJzoo's Projections on High. This event was a part of the Fremantle Festival for the first time and was a smashing success. During the evening, people strolling along High Street were treated to series of enchanting images being projected onto the facades of twenty West End buildings all the way down to the Round House. Here's hoping we get a second round of these wonderful projections in 2012.

For more information about Projections on High check out:

Kelp Bar @ Kidogo

On those balmy early summer evenings during ISAF, the Kidogo Arthouse was transformed into the Kelp Bar @ Kidogo. The bar was an instant hit, combining ocean views and beautiful sunsets with drinks, food and live music. I'm certainly hoping that the arrangement will become permanent.

Christmas lights at Kings Square

The new Christmas lights at Kings Square are the next in my top five Freo highlights in 2011. For a month leading up to Christmas the look and feel of Kings Square took on a dramatic change for the better. It became a place to visit and linger for a little while, taking in the magic of the lights as the big day got closer and closer.

Ferris wheel and bungee trampoline at the Esplanade

Wrapping up my top five Freo highlights in 2011 are the ferris wheel and bungee trampoline at the Esplanade. These attractions added a new dimension to the park. Bubba, my four year old nephew, can personally attest to their awesomeness, having put them through their paces on a number of different occasions. Each visit ending in the firm declaration "my do that next time!".

Honourable mention

Hidden Treasures music sessions, alfresco decking at Moore & Moore, the Freo blogging scene (I'm a little biased but I think it's quite good), Cappuccino Strip events including the Coffee Festival and the Cappuccino Strip Street Club, and lastly the two new small bars Who's Your Mumma and the Corner Room.


  1. I'm with you on those Swaney. But have you been honest with your readers? Did you personally experience the thrill of the bungee trampoline, of course following a Benny's pizza and a double scoop from Il Gelato? I'd possibly reorder by pushing Who's Your Mumma further up the list, only because Ferris Wheels and Christmas lights have are a novelty item, whereas a glass of vino with good company never loses its attraction. Cheers, Lloyd

    1. Sounds like you're offering to shout a couple of drinks at Who's Your Mumma so that we can further explore your theory Lloyd?