Friday, 23 March 2012

5 reasons to visit...Point Street

I thought that I'd give myself a challenge and attempt to find five reasons for visiting Point Street.

Lets see what I came up with:

Vortex of concrete
I started my tour at the intersection of Point Street and Cantonment Street. Sauntering past the entrance of the Point Street carpark, I was struck by the notion that a reason for visiting Point Street could be to see some terrible concrete monoliths. If nothing else, it will save you ever having to visit any of Russia's grimmer areas to experience what architecture under Soviet rule was like.

Point Street carpark...look out for the vortex of concrete
I'd suggest that if you stand in just the right spot a vortex would open to another world where the concrete gods are waiting to resume their rightful place. (But make sure you know the steps to the East End Shuffle if you hang around here for any length of time. It came in handy for me.)

MacQueen Books
MacQueen Books is a prime site for fossicking. It's relatively new to the area, having arrived in 2011, and is worth a look.

MacQueen books
My wife was keen to point out that there were some interesting bags being sold next door.

Bags being sold next door to MacQueen books

The Butcher Shop
Another reason to visit Point Street is The Butcher Shop. Being neither remotely artistic nor cool, I'd never heard of it before, but it sells specialist art supplies, design books, clothes and a few other colourful bits and pieces. It was so appealing I regretted for a minute not trying harder at art classes at school, until I saw just how much good quality art materials set you back.

Interesting design books at The Butcher Shop

Art supplies at The Butcher Shop
Next door to The Butcher Shop is Ferrari Formal Wear on one side, and the skate shop Momentum on the other (handily proximate for the skaters at the Woolstores), whilst Games World sits opposite. For a short and under-utilised street, Point Street sure does cater for young males with admirable thoroughness.

A little-known gem, Vivisien alone makes Point Street deserving of a visit. Check it out for something a bit different.

Vivisen on Point Street

Terrace houses
There are four beautiful, old style terrace houses marooned amongst the concrete at the eastern end of Point Street. There's something quietly tragic about these lovely upright townhouses. Their presence is at once both something to be grateful for as well as a reminder of loss. They paint a small picture of what Freo's East End might have looked like before the awful redevelopment that took place post World War II.

I really like the attention to detail. For example, the lacy fretwork on the verandahs and balconies reflect an era where buildings were built up to a standard.

Terrace housing on Point Street, built up to a standard
Cool details on the Terrac houses on Point Street
Well, that's about it for Point Street.


  1. I've seen an archive photo ... The terraced homes were along most of the frontage of Adelaide Street, Point Street and surrounds ...

    Beautiful, aren't they?


  2. Classy work, Michael Swanepoel. I like how you sift patiently through the pans of Freo for Planning Gold. You must come pan through the Freo suburbs one day ...