Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Mini Freo monuments III

I think it's time for another edition of mini Freo monuments.

So far we've had blue doors, chalkboards and diver statues (click here) in my first edition and hanging shoes, the smells of Kakulas Sisters and a Kings Square statue (click here) in my second edition.

Here are three more mini Freo monuments.

Hobbit hole near the Round House

Imagine if this little hobbit hole had a door knob on it somewhere? 

Hobbit hole near the Round House

Bubba, my four year old nephew, can't resist letting his imagination run wild at what worlds could possibly exist behind this hobbit hole. 

X marks the spot

Along the lines of the hobbit hole, if you didn't know the purpose of this big red X on High Street you could have some serious fun speculating. Buried treasure? The site of a first kiss? A drop-off point for secret documents? Anything is possible.

X marks the spot

Window display at Bill's Second Hand books

The window displays at Bill's are always artful, and show off his encyclopediac knowledge of books. After you get tired of coming up with ideas for the red X, nip into Bill's and test him out. He's better than Google.

Bill's Second Hand books

That's it for this edition of mini Freo monuments.

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  1. Yes, I agree - Bill Campbell's books is beautiful shopfront :)