Monday, 28 May 2012

A simple solution to the litter problem?

Following on from my post yesterday, I can confidently say that my wife's pet hate about Freo is when the bins are left to overflow. I think we can all agree that overflowing bins are not a great look, especially when there is a luxury liner in port or when it is a public holiday Monday (or a 'Litter Festival', as she now terms them).

Given this weekend's litter festival, I was interested to find out that the old overflowing bin scenario isn't restricted to Freo. I came across this cool article (click here) reporting how a Copenhagen resident who was tired of seeing overflowing bins in her city. She took matters into her own hands by implementing her own simple solution. (She has her own blog by the way, which can be found by clicking here)

Here are some photos taken from the blog post.

Overflowing bin in Copenhagen via Classic Copenhagen blog
To combat the rubbish, predominately takeaway coffee cups, her solution was to attach a test tube to the bin. This way people could place their cups in the test tubes when throwing them away. The photo below shows day 3 of the test tube experiment.

Day 3 of test tube solution via Classic Copenhagen blog

I really liked the idea and the approach. The solution targeted a specific problem in a proactive way through simple design. Unfortunately on day 6 of the experiment the local government removed the test tubes. Maybe there is an opportunity for Freo?

I'm hoping we won't have another Freo Festival of Litter this coming long weekend.

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