Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Freo power rankings: July 2012

To Council's credit there is a lot going on in Freo at the moment. I thought I'd do my first ever power rankings to categorise the good, the bad and the ugly.

For these rankings, I've decided to run with my very own categories:

- Awesome
- Kick ass (not quite awesome, but kick ass nonetheless.)
- Cup of hot fat (this category is an ode to Roy and HG and their assessment of the diving during the 2000 Olympics. A belly flop was so bad it was considered a cup of hot fat.)

So without further ado and with a focus on the City of Fremantle, here are my first ever power rankings:


Department of Housing relocating to Freo

The recent announcement by the State Government that the Department of Housing will be relocating to Freo is awesome. A number of locations spring to mind. Point Street, the decripit Woolstores building or Kings Square. One thousand bureaucrats working in the centre of Freo is a change for the better.

Kings Square Urban Design Strategy

I've already written about this document in a previous post (click here). Suffice it to say that this document is, dare I say it...awesome.

Kick ass

Free bicycle hire from Kings Square

City of Fremantle-supported free bicycle hire has been operating out of Kings Square for a little while now. I reckon it is kick ass.

Free bike hire at Kings Square

Fremantle Economic Development Forum

A couple of weeks ago I rocked up to the City of Fremantle Economic Development Forum. What was particularly kick ass about the event was the opening part of the evening. Held in the Malloy Courtyard at Notre Dame, locals were able to enjoy a natter complete with a jazz band in the background and great food. Kick ass idea. 

Cup of hot fat

Town Hall

The inept use of the Town Hall was mentioned during the Economic Development Forum. The terrible way this iconic landmark has been maintained is compounded by the fact that this building could be being used much more effectively and with greater respect.

Consider the treatment of the Town Hall by Council over the past couple of decades a great big stinking cup of hot fat.

Consider the treatment and use of the Town Hall a cup of hot fat

It would be great to see this Council allocate some funds to: painting the Town Hall; a long-term maintenance and upgrade program; and the preparation of a plan for using the building more effectively.

Front counter at Council administration building

I often write about how it is the little things that count in conveying the right message. Check out my photo of the front counter at the Council administration building.

Sending the right message?

I don't know how long this has been the case with the front counter - I first noticed it months ago. The lack of attention to detail and failure to care represents an espresso sized cup of hot fat. What kind of message does this send to residents, ratepayers, important dignitaries, and landowners? Not a good one.

City of Fremantle website

If the front counter sign represents an espresso sized cup of hot fat, I wonder if there is a bowl big enough to house all of the hot fat that represents the City's website?

The City's newish (launched circa 2009 or 2010) website is ordinary to say the least. Intuitive? Easy to use? No and no. It is also difficult to track how the City progresses with its projects. 

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  1. I didn't notice that on the Service and information counter.

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