Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Still the Chills: Insight Foundation's Lost Dogs Home Winter Blanket Appeal

Introducing our dog Henry

A few months ago, our dog Henry (he stays in Floreat with my wife's parents) slipped his collar and got himself lost near Mundaring Weir. We searched through the bush for hours, well into the night, until close to 11pm when we were forced to call it a day.

It turned out to be the coldest May night on record for something like forty years. It was impossible for my wife and I to take any pleasure in being snuggled warmly under our doona - all we could think about was Henry shivering in a drift of chill autumn leaves, hungry and freezing. 

The whole family was back early the next morning to search some more and after a few hours of tramping through the bush, we called in at the Mundaring Weir Hotel on the off chance that someone had spotted Henry. 

"Oh yeah, we've got him." A friendly waiter told us casually. "He's off helping Kevin." He turned to lead us into the grounds of the hotel, calling over his shoulder, "He really likes his sausages, doesn't he?"

And so he was returned, full of quiche lorraine and sausage meat and extremely perky after a night tucked snugly in Kevin's bed. Apparently he'd turned up the afternoon before at about 5pm - only about half an hour after he'd gone missing.

We drove back home with Henry sitting on my wife's lap, his head out the window, my sister-in-law in the back seat muttering about seeing whether Kevin wanted to make the arrangement more permanent.

So as everyone can imagine, keeping lost dogs snug is a topic close to my heart.

Lost dogs winter blanket appeal

Today I found out that the Insight Foundation is running a week long Still the Chills Winter Appeal to collect blankets for lost dogs and thought that this initiative was worthy of a post on the old blog.

If you're keen to donate any old blankets or towels (or care to buy some from an op shop or brand new) call Simon Rosengarten on 0428 533 010 to arrange a drop off or pick-up. The deadline is this Sunday 22 July 2012.

Blankets and towels will be passed on to the Dogs' Refuge Home (click here to go to their website).

My wife and I will be donating a load of blankets with pretty cool people like Kevin in mind.

Henry wondering when the next serve of quiche lorraine and sausages was going to be served

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