Friday, 10 August 2012

Freo Quick Shot: Placemaking power salute to Moore & Moore Cafe

Regular Freo Doctor Blog readers will appreciate that when I'm out and about I enjoy coming across examples of little things being done well to create a welcoming place.

It turns out that a classic example of what I enjoy so much has been under my nose for the past couple of weeks. 

Cool little signs at Moore & Moore Cafe

Fans of Moore & Moore Cafe will be familiar with Freo's first parklet (the alfresco seating area on Henry Street). For me, this little parklet is an example of the types of quality, small wins that can be implemented in Freo.

The other day, I noticed these little signs that have been installed at the parklet for a little while now.

'Street Seating for Furry Greeting' sign at Moore & Moore
'Priority to Puppy Power rrrhank you!' sign at Moore & Moore
Another example of how the little things count in creating a welcoming place
A hearty thank you and an accompanying placemaking power salute to Moore & Moore Cafe for illustrating that little things do count in helping to create a welcoming place.

1 comment:

  1. I agree, Michael.

    These small things could easily HAVE NOT been done by the cafe. But they did.

    They are also very high quality and witty.

    All in all, a brilliant effort!