Friday, 31 August 2012

Predicting the future of 1925

Earlier this month regular guest contributor to the Freo Doctor Blog, Dean Cracknell, wrote another cracker of an article about five car parking myths. Well, he's done it again. This time Dean forwarded me the cover of the August 1925 edition of Popular Science Monthly.

It's titled "May Live to See, May Solve Congestion Problems" and has an accompanying image predicting how people may live and travel around the city by 1950. 

Check out the 'aircraft landing fields' and the four levels of transport, plus the freight tubes in the bottom right hand corner. I also appreciate the transition from offices to living quarters and playgrounds.

It is interesting to think about how people in 1925 saw the future of cities. That old congestion nugget was around even way back then.

I wonder what Freo will look like in twenty five years? I'll have just painted the town red for my 60th birthday.

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  1. Uses are mixed - not separated

    The ground is for people - not cars.

    Looks good!