Friday, 21 September 2012

Rooftop gardens

Second only to light rail, rooftop gardens rank high on my list of town planning obsessions. During my SimCity years, if there was an option to include rooftop gardens in my cities, I would have sourced the cheat code and run rampant.
A couple of years ago, I remember almost falling of my chair when I discovered that Vancouver had had the common sense to put a rooftop garden on their brand new convention centre. My wife wishes that I had never heard of Vancouver. Everytime I drive past our sorry excuse of a convention centre, I launch into an diatribe about how kick ass it would have been if they had put a rooftop garden on that darn building.
Vancouver Convention Centre rooftop garden via

Architizer recently published a slideshow of awesome rooftop gardens. Needless to say, I brewed myself a strong cup of tea and settled back to enjoy the greenery. I enjoyed myself so much I thought that Freo Doctor blog readers would also enjoy checking them out.
Click here to check out these deluctible rooftop gardens. Enjoy!
It would be great to see rooftop gardens feature as part of the Kings Square redevelopment and as part of redevelopment facilitated by Scheme Amendment 49.

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  1. Beat you to it, Michael - I already bleated on about how great a rooftop cafe would be for the (nearly ex) Myer building, in a blog and elsewhere. What a location and view! I hope someone noticed, but it seems not!