Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Freo Doctor Blog celebrates first birthday!

A busy couple of weeks culminated on Sunday afternoon with a French inspired Fathers Day lunch – roast chicken, gratin dauphinois, ratatouille and delicious cheese plate – and an afternoon wrestling session with my four year old nephew Byron (formerly known as Bubba).

I find wrestling with Byron really clears the mind. It could be to do with Byron pile driving my stomach with his rear end, and then bouncing off and lodging his head under my chin and going dead weight. So, it wasn’t until my post-lunch wrestling session with Byron that it struck me that the old blog has been around for a year. (Maybe I was thinking that there is no way he would be kicking my backside this easily as a three year old.)

Reflecting on the past year of blogging, I don’t feel that I hit my straps until my Three Singing Butchers post – it remains my favourite. I’ve developed a soft spot for Thwaites and Wilberforce and thoroughly enjoyed writing about Byron’s adventures in Freo. The musings of the Cool Melbourne Guy (aka Dean ‘Crackers’ Cracknell) has also been a highlight. Finally, I couldn’t not mention my posts describing the delights of Byron’s backyard and documenting the placemaking lessons I learnt from our weiros, Spiro and Pearl.

It’s been an interesting and enjoyable first year of blogging. Thanks to all Freo Doctor Blog readers for their support over the past 12 months.