Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Why I'm running for Council

This is a great city, but I think that it can be a greater city. I'm not satisfied that our population is not growing. I'm not satisfied being confronted with antisocial behaviour every afternoon and evening. I'm not satisfied walking past rundown buildings, old infrastructure, dirty pavements and empty storefronts. I'm not satisfied with red tape that restricts innovation and creativity.

More people living, working and visiting Fremantle combined with innovative, local and successful businesses means a strong and vibrant Fremantle. It means that we can be competitive. It means that we can start building up to a standard instead of down to a price. I think that we can do better. I don't want the proud history of this city and the talents of our residents and businesses to be wasted.

I am motivated to create a better, safer and fun Fremantle for our residents, businesses, workers, visitors and for my daughter. I want people around Perth to start looking to Fremantle to see how we're doing things - like they used to when Fremantle pioneered alfresco dining in the 1980s. Mostly, I think that it is time Fremantle started moving forward again.

I seek your support, to elect me on your behalf and the community for the type of thoughtful, planned growth that gets Fremantle moving ahead again.

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