Friday, 30 September 2011

Reduce anti-social behaviour

The most common issue that people have raised with me during this campaign is anti-social behaviour.  It’s clearly a huge problem for Fremantle, something I can personally attest to as a resident of the city centre.  I have a very real and specific interest in making sure that progress is made in reducing anti-social behaviour. 


-  Reclaim our public spaces by providing better infrastructure, which in turn will increase useage and therefore natural surveillance.  Simply getting more people on the streets and in public spaces has been demonstrated to have a profound, positive effect on reducing anti-social behaviour. 

-  Introduce regular events and activities in more of Fremantle's public spaces – not just one or two. 

-  Investigate regular, targeted security patrols and / or supported CCTV systems. 

-  Dedicate more resources to restricting anti-social behaviour through design. 

-  Improve the appearance of Fremantle's streetscape and focus attention on providing better lighting.  In the same way that graffiti has been proven to be contagious, spaces that appear uncared-for or deserted attract undesirable behaviour.   

-  Advocate for greater resources from the police and other state government agencies.

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