Monday, 5 September 2011

A soundtrack for Fremantle

Something light for a Monday morning...

My wife frequently despairs at my lack of knowledge and taste in music.  My musical education, courtesy of Mary and Gavin Swanepoel on our day-and-a-half long drives from Karratha to Perth, revolved around Kenny Rogers, Boney M, Paul Simon and Dolly Parton.  My wife considers it akin to raising a child on a exclusive diet of white bread - it's not the child's fault when they turn out stunted - and doesn't hold it against me.

This post evolved as a result of a lazy Sunday morning my wife spent trying to reeducate me.  Like a fidgety eight year old sealed in a classroom on a sunny spring day, my attention started to wander almost immediately and this post was born.

If I had any musical nous this soundtrack would include artists like Lucky Oceans, Bon Scott and John Butler - but I don't, so those raised in a more privileged musical environment will just have to add their own contributions.  Add yours in the comments or email me and I promise I'll put it on my iPod and have a listen.

How Soon is Now: The Smiths
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction: The Rolling Stones
Dedicated to everyone out there with a shop front they want to paint. 

Respect: Aretha Franklin
There are many places in Fremantle that look like they're not treated with any respect. No one wants to linger near a smashed-up, derelict building.  No one will want to live near it or develop near it or open a business near it.  Places not treated with respect will slowly engulf their surrounds like an oil slick, malignant and destructive.  It's time Fremantle - all of Fremantle - looked like a place that gets treated with respect (just a little bit).

Reckless: James Reyne
The chorus says it all - "Lay down your arms".  Good development can only be achieved through a bipartisan approach between pro-heritage and pro-development groups.  A deadlock disadvantages us all.

Bittersweet Symphony: The Verve
This is my all-time favourite song, so it had to be included.  And since the America's Cup, it's been a bittersweet period for Freo.  
Last Day on Earth: Kate Miller Heidke
See my post on 'The Three Singing Butchers'.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun: Cyndi Lauper
(I did my credibility with my wife no favours with this one, because I originally attributed to Madonna.  Who knew?)  Four words: bring back the fun.

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