Friday, 12 October 2012

Freo Quick Shot: Placemaking power salute to Djurra Day Spa

Quick Disclaimer:

My wife has been distracted today, so I'm taking the opportunity to slide a couple of short posts past the gatekeeper. I take full responsiblity for dodgy spelling mistakes, lame 'old man' jokes etc.

Back to the power salute

A couple of months ago, I issued a placemaking power salute to the good folk at Moore & Moore Cafe. This time it is the turn of Djurra Day Spa, located in the West End section of High Street. My aversion to haircuts and personal grooming in general is well known, so I generally put my head down and skedaddle past places like Djurra.

Last night on the way to the Fremantle Future Forum being hosted by the University of Notre Dame, Djurra managed to capture my attention. Firstly they were open, which was pretty cool. But most importantly they had placed some greenery in front of their shopfront. It looked really good, so good that I stopped and admired their efforts.

Below is a bad photo which doesn't do justice to their awesome placemaking initiative.

A placemaking power salute to Djurra Day Spa for introducing a little greenery to High Street

The photo ended up being serendipitous as an idea presented by one of the Notre Dame students at the forum related to introducing more greenery into Freo. I think that it is a great idea.

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