Friday, 12 October 2012

Shaming our weiro Spiro

Today I was looking forward to beginning a rollicking journey with Freo Doctor Blog readers into the exciting world of the principles of a better way to zone (a minimum of at least five posts would be needed).

Having published two lengthy posts about Notre Dame this week, my wife put a swift end to that plan. I won't go into too much detail but an image of a lioness bringing down her rather tubby and slow (but very tender and full of flavour) prey springs to mind.

To give readers a break from a tough week of trawling through my Notre Dame posts, below is a shaming photo of our boy weiro Spiro. Over the past couple of years he (and his sister Pearl) have provided their fair share of placemaking lessons. In this instance, Spiro has outdone himself in providing a lesson in place management.

Spiro posing for his shaming photo without any makeup 

Not much else to be said other than appropriate place management procedures have been put into place.

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