Friday, 12 October 2012

Freo Quick Shot: A welcoming place at Monsi's in Claremont

I'm sneaking a couple of short posts past my wife today. Here is the last one for the day.

I'm on record as pointing out that at times customer service in Perth isn't the greatest, especially when compared to Europe. So I'm always chuffed when I come across examples of great, thoughtful customer service when I'm out and about.

This post recognises the people who run Monsi's in Claremont. I've been going to Monsi's on and off for some time now. It wasn't until my last visit that I noticed the red blankets that they put out for their alfresco customers to keep them nice and cosy during those particularly cold Perth mornings.

A nice gesture to their alfresco customers provided by Monsi's
The blankets are a nice gesture and send a welcoming message to regular and potential customers.

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