Monday, 27 February 2012

Five reasons for visiting...Cantonment Street

Here are five reasons for visiting my street.

Clancy's Fish Pub/Princess May Park

The best thing about Cantonment Street is Clancy's. It's welcoming, homely and relaxed. An added bonus is the Princess May park out the back. Groups of parents can sit on the long wooden benches with a view to St Patrick's and watch their kiddies run free.

My wife and I have many happy memories of our visits to Clancy's. I think that one of the secrets of a truly great place is its ability to cater for the young, the old, singles and families.

Like Little Creatures, Clancy's pulls it off.


The new urban art on the decrepit Woolstores building is another reason to visit Cantonment Street.

Woolstories urban art
If you have an interest in urban art then 'Woolstories' is well worth a gander.

Some more Woolstories urban art
Skateboarders' paradise

If you're a skateboarder then the best reason for visiting Cantonment Street is the Woolstores building. The concrete ledge facing Cantonment Street provides a world class skateboarding surface.

A spot of skateboarding

Atwell Arcade

Two of Freo's best vintage clothes shops are located in this little arcade, along with a lolly shop and another Freo institution: Culley's.

Shopping at Atwell Arcade
The trees

London Plane trees are planted regularly along the street and, when they're in full bloom, provide a wonderful green canopy. These trees really do make a difference.

Canopy of trees along Cantonment Street
At the corner of Cantonment Street and Market Street there is also a beautiful old Morton Bay Fig which provides a great place to sit and people watch under the cooling shade.

People watching under the Morton Bay Fig


  1. I really like the trees along Cantonment Street as well and you're spot on about Clancy's!

  2. thanks Michael,
    you certainly know Clancys well
    Justin Rogan