Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Some more mini Freo monuments

Here is the second installment of my mini Freo monuments.

The luxurious smells of Kakulas Sisters

There is a wonderful scene in Amelie when the eponymous heroine plunges her hand into a sack of dried grains to feel them running between her fingers. Sometimes the simple pleasures are the best. While I wouldn't recommend getting caught doing this in Kakulas Sisters, the potential is there - there's definitely something Amelie-like about the bags of legumes and vast array of spices.

My wife may not be the cook in our household (see an explanation from an earlier post here) but on a Sunday afternoon she can be found strolling the aisles, taking in the sights and smells of Kakulas Sisters and contemplating various devilish concoctions in her 

Fortunately for me and my tumtum, when it comes to cooking my wife has a three second memory.

The hanging shoes of Cantonment Street

Although the decrepit Woolstores building is a blight on Freo's inner east end, it at least provides local skaters with somewhere to practice.

Unfortunately I'm old enough to remember when skateboarding first emerged on the sporting landscape. I managed to convince my father that purchasing the el-cheapo black skateboard that I had set my sights on would benefit him in more ways than he could imagine (namely getting me out of his hair on weekends). I never quite mastered the art of any skateboarding tricks and instead took to hurtling my younger brother

down our driveway at death defying speeds after watching the bobsled at the Winter Olympics.

For me, the hanging shoes of Cantonment Street represents a tribute to those skateboarders who grace this eyesore with their presence and interact with the space.

Pietro Porcelli statue in Kings Square

There's a lot to be said about statues that are at eye-level. Arguably Freo's best statue, Greg James' Pietro Porcelli statue is a true Freo mini monument. 
I love that it is interactive and that so many people have their photo taken with it.

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