Sunday, 19 February 2012

A welcoming place (a dog friendly park in Mt Hawthorn)

Last week my wife and I visited our four year old nephew at his home in Mt Hawthorn. We played numerous games out the front of the house and then enjoyed a quick episode of Astroboy (as is probably true of all four year old boys, Bubba takes particular delight in watching Astroboy shoot his guns from his backside).

With Bubba refreshed and firing on all cylinders we visited his local park. Bubba and my wife disappeared to the playground while I hung out with Bubba's mum watching the goings on at this very popular park. 

I was compelled to take this photo when a bunch of dogs took a timeout from playing with each other (and jumping on me) to get a drink. 

What a great initiative. It may only be a simple gesture, but it is these little things that go a long way to making a place more welcoming. 


  1. Simple, cheap ideas are often better than over-designed, architectural masterpieces.

  2. I've seen one where all the overflow from the human part goes into the dog bowl - no need for a second tap ...